School Library System




The Onondaga-Cortland-Madison School Library System (SLS) provides library coordination and/or services to member school library media centers under a SLS Plan of Service (2006-11) approved by the commissioner of education.


The school libraries in the OCM BOCES School Library System are creating libraries without walls through the cooperative efforts of Union Catalog development. Library Media Specialists, staff and students use the Online Union Resource Sharing (OURS) Catalog in their school's library and classrooms for instruction and to locate resources in area schools for sharing through school-to-school interlibrary loan. School resources are available through the OURS catalog of over 423,000 titles representing over 1,167,000 school holdings.


This service provides database development of new resources purchased by each component school library to produce an updated School Library System Union Catalog in a Web based version that provides access to each participating school library within the OCM region. The OURS catalog provides a collection development tool and access to review and download MARC records into their local catalog. The web version includes real time updates and a school-to-school interlibrary loan component. Access to the school-to-school interlibrary loan is available through a username and password.


This service is also a clearinghouse for the handling and delivery of all interlibrary loan transactions between schools.


School Library Systems and Library Media Centers collaborate with the educational community to:

    provide a means for students to develop online information literacy skills and strategies that are essential for success,

    support the Learning Standards and student achievement,

    strengthen instructional practices, and

    engage students in the learning process through the use of these varied resources.