Library Automation CoSer573


LIBRARY AUTOMATION SERVICE                             COSER #573


             Gaining instructional Time


CoSer Benefits

 Free up Librarian to spend more Instructional Time with students by:

When there are technical problems, On-the-spot help, via Remote Access with a Local Person not 800#

Remote, Onsite and Customized Training allows Librarian to

§        Schedule training around class times

§        Onsite – Convenience of staying in the library

Having Automation Staff upload Patrons from SIS first week of school

§        Subsequent uploads can be done if there is a large number of new students after school starts

Inventory Process streamlined, wireless scanners and laptops available for loan to eliminate closing library for weeks

BookWhere® – Streamlines cataloging process by providing access to quality MARC records for download.


Access to locally trained people in using automation software to its fullest capacity, not just circulation

Collection Development Tools – Customized reports tailored to school library needs, use with ELA Student Assessment results and identifying reading patterns (circ. by Grade Level, Gender etc.)

Make Statistical Based Decisions – How best to maximize resources for: weeding, circulation and staffing

Solutions and Ideas from other local school libraries can be shared


   Unique Link in OURS Union Catalog allows:

“Real-time” viewing status of collection for ILL purposes

Eliminates need to send in reports/records for Adds and Deletes

Adds to the quality of the “real-time” regional collection

  Minimal Local District Technical Hours for Library Support Required because:

SLS Automation Staff is First Line of Support about Automation Software/Hardware Needs and Unique School Library Issues pertaining to automation.

Remote Access Software Updates are done by Library Automation Staff

Automatic Backups – Onsite and offsite backups

Procedure for library database disaster recovery  (on average, library is up and running within one school day or less)

SLS provides replacement for hardware when server needs repair

Server/Workstation setup empowers LMS by giving them full access to all resources


  All Equipment in library becomes eligible for aide since it is purchased thorough a complementary CoSer