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School Library System



The Onondaga-Cortland-Madison School Library System (SLS) is an organization of 23 school districts and 14 non public schools cooperating with the BOCES to provide library coordination and/or services to member school library media centers under a SLS Plan of Service (2006-11) approved by the commissioner of education.


All school districts and nonpublic schools located within the OCM BOCES region shall be eligible for membership in the school library system, provided that each district designates a certified school library media specialist as the liaison to the SLS. The liaison helps implement the procedures to be followed in the district regarding data collection of union lists, cooperative collection development as well as other system requirements, interlibrary loans requests and necessary reports.


The liaison’s role is to keep other school library media specialists and staff of the members informed of SLS policies, procedures, activities, and services. Each member of the SLS shall permit the interlibrary loan of books and other library materials.




 District membership includes:  liaison representative, web-based Union Catalog of component member school library catalogs, interlibrary loan service of local resources within the member region through the sls-listserv.


Assistance with online databases provided from the New York State Library through NOVEL initiatives (which provides students with free access to full-text, online, commercial databases through their libraries) is also included. Presently, the following databases are included: EBSCO Databases and Gale Group, Inc. Databases.


First Search , Newsbank Local Newspapers , ProQuest Professional Collection (High Schools only), and TeachingBooks databases will be available at no charge to member schools.


Basic Services are included as a School Library System Member


Additional SLS services may be purchased over and above basic services by

individual districts and buildings.



The Onondaga-Cortland-Madison School Library System (SLS) provides library coordination and/or services to member school library media centers under a SLS Plan of Service (2001-06) approved by the commissioner of education.


The school libraries in the OCM BOCES School Library System are creating libraries without walls through the cooperative efforts of Union Catalog development. Library Media Specialists, staff and students use the Online Union Resource Sharing (OURS) Catalog in their school’s library and classrooms for instruction and to locate resources in area schools for sharing through school-to-school interlibrary loan. School resources are available through the OURS catalog of over 423,000 titles representing over 1,167,000 school holdings.


This service provides database development of new resources purchased by each component school library to produce an updated School Library System Union Catalog in a Web based version that provides access to each participating school library within the OCM region. The OURS catalog provides a collection development tool and access to review and download MARC records into their local catalog. The web version includes real time updates and a school-to-school interlibrary loan component. Access to the school-to-school interlibrary loan is available through a username and password.


This service is also a clearinghouse for the handling and delivery of all interlibrary loan transactions between schools.


School Library Systems and Library Media Centers collaborate with the educational community to:

Ø      provide a means for students to develop online information literacy skills and strategies that are essential for their success,

Ø      support the Learning Standards and student achievement,

Ø      strengthen instructional practices, and

Ø      engage students in the learning process through the use of these varied resources.



The expanded interlibrary loan component includes verification and solicitation of books, periodicals and resources in various formats from sites outside the jurisdiction of Onondaga-Cortland-Madison County component school districts. These sites include: New York State Library, Onondaga Public Library, academic, public or special libraries within the United States. The SLS will provide resources from international locations when appropriate. If you use the Interlibrary Loan services from the SLS office, this service is available.


Customized searches, including scientifically-based research, are conducted by a certified library media specialist on any topic to meet the educational and information needs of staff and students. Searches result in a bibliography of documents meeting the specific criteria of the requestor. In addition, access to full text documents is available through the interlibrary loan service of the School Library System.




School library media specialists promote access to information resources by creating and joining consortia or networks, like the School Library System (SLS), establishing resource-sharing agreements and delivery, and implementing interlibrary loan. This service addresses:

Ø      sharing the purchase of resources that no single library can afford; and

Ø      distributing collection responsibilities among a group of libraries in which differences in subjects collected occur.


School libraries are not able to purchase all the library books and information resources which they need to meet the informational needs of students and staff. This service will allow schools to create areas of authority within the region for all types of information in various formats (print/video/DVD etc). These resources will be made available for resource sharing through Interlibrary Loan.


The School Library System will provide a cooperative collection development service that will build specialized library collections for the purpose of resource sharing. This service will coordinate acquisition of specialized library materials that meet SLS Cooperative Collection Development (CCD) criteria for need, cost, topic and general usefulness for members of the SLS as a whole. Collections will be housed in respective member buildings. It is not meant to build core collections of library materials, but to provide subject-based specialized resources in differing content areas and to support curriculum initiatives.




The SLS provides direct access to remote electronic information and instructional library resources including periodicals (many full text), newspapers, references and visual images to participating school libraries.  The SLS offers training in bibliographic instruction of online search strategies and technical support to library media personnel. These online resources allow staff and students access to timely and authoritative information on relevant topics that support the Learning Standards.


Base Service – In order to purchase these subscriptions through this CoSer, a district must subscribe to the base service which includes: assistance and guidance with selection and purchase of resources to meet specific instructional needs and the development of instructional objectives, set up trials, meet with representatives for consortium pricing models and act as a liaison between the Regional Information Center on connectivity and NYS Library Initiatives (NOVEL).


Subscriptions are listed in a menu style for schools to pick and choose.




The School Library System will provide coordination, consultation and administration to plan, implement and support a regional automation service. This service provides training of component school staff.

Basic Automated Library Support includes: consulting on collection development issues, installation and implementation of the system, staff training, telephone and question/answer support, vendor negotiations, importing and exporting of MARC records and license agreement fees.


Ongoing Library Automation Support for libraries in their second or subsequent years of automation includes support for software updates, annual licensing fee, and training of new or existing staff.  The service also includes customizing databases, the generation of customized reports, implementation of web gateway access, remote access or on-site technical support and consultation.  The service provides for annual patron database upload with barcodes, for support and resolution procedures for the physical inventory process as well as procedures for library database disaster recovery.


MARC Conversion Service provides conversion of records to machine readable (MARC) format. This service provides uploads to the local school catalog and the Union Catalog (OURS) for resource sharing through Interlibrary Loan. An adjustment to service contract must be generated from the SLS office or district business office in order to request MARC records and is aidable. Your Automation Specification sheet (spec sheet) on file with the SLS office will be used to customize your MARC records.


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