School Library System




School library media specialists promote access to information resources by creating and joining consortia or networks, like the School Library System (SLS), establishing resource-sharing agreements and delivery, and implementing interlibrary loan. This service addresses:

      sharing the purchase of resources that no single library can afford; and

      distributing collection responsibilities among a group of libraries in which differences in subjects collected occur.


School libraries are not able to purchase all the library books and information resources which they need to meet the informational needs of students and staff. This service will allow schools to create areas of authority within the region for all types of information in various formats (print/video/DVD etc). These resources will be made available for resource sharing through Interlibrary Loan.


The School Library System will provide a cooperative collection development service that will build specialized library collections for the purpose of resource sharing. This service will coordinate acquisition of specialized library materials that meet SLS Cooperative Collection Development (CCD) criteria for need, cost, topic and general usefulness for members of the SLS as a whole. Collections will be housed in respective member buildings. It is not meant to build core collections of library materials, but to provide subject-based specialized resources in differing content areas and to support curriculum initiatives.